Social Listening

Your big opportunity to step ahead of all your competitors

Enabling you to get in to your customer’s mind

Connect and see insights of everyday conversations from your customer on social media; brand mentions, relevant message, competitor mentions and industry trends. Analyse the information and explore more ways to develop customer satisfaction and strategic action that might shift your entire brand positioning.

RealSmart offers this social media listening platform to help you siege
new opportunities.

Key Benefits


Engage more with your valued customers

Understand pain points

Understand people’s feelings and pain points.

Right Action

Collect data and information to empower right action.


Catch the “Online Mood” of social media sentiment to prevent situations from developing into crises.

Increase sales

The best resource to identify unexpected sales leads.


Find more feedback through influencers. Helps gauge the correct reaction with their followers.

Product Features

AI Sentiment Analysis

The AI system can accurately read the message in Thai and English to analyze the message sentiment

Smart Dashboard

Create report in adjustable dashboard according to required data and export into automated report

Find Your Top Influencers

Find the influencers who may be helpful in supporting your brand, and you can find influencers related to your industry here.

Content Heatmap

Analyze the period of time when the mention occurs, to help you choose the best time to post Content

Categorize your data

Analyze the data of all messages labeled Tag and Keyword to classify categories for future reports.

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