Maximize the Value of Your Data

Integrating Social Voice with Paid and Own Media to find insights, analyze, and deliver you the optimal solutions

Data Innovative Solutions

Integrating our patented technology with extra ordinary services 24/7

40 Industries of Experiences

Alert case more than 500,000+ Cases per year


Handle crisis case more than 300+ Crisis cases per year

We provide intelligence data-driven solutions to corporate and state enterprise.

We integrate paid, own, earned data to find insight and customize solutions for you to help your business achieve the following goals:

Grow brand awareness
Increase your revenue
Research your market
Shield your brand from threats
Engage with customers
Reach out to key influencers

Our Value

Beyond Solutions

Even we are a technology company, we know that our customers don’t want just a platform to solve their problems, but a partner who can provide them solutions. We understand that but we want to go further and provide you "beyond solutions".

Our Solutions

Digital Strategy & Media

Consult and Implement Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Listening & Monitoring

Listening and Analyze Social Voice to find insights

Digital Content

Plan and Create digital content in variety platforms

Brand Protection

Manage Brand Reputation & Handle Crisis Management

Data Analytics

Integrate, Analyze, and Visualize Data

Digital Admin

Provide Social Media Admin & Support

Transform your data into actionable insights

Data-driven Marketing

We collect data from paid, own, and earned media, analyse to find insights, develop the plan, and deliver the optimal solutions

Social Monitoring & Listening

Connect and analyse to find insight your customers' millions conversions in multiple social media platforms.

Data Reporting & Insights

Provide social research with insight reports to gain a deeper understanding of your markets and consumers.

Consulting & Execution

Consult and take action to help your business achieve sustainable growth.

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Our Clients

+ 100 brands growing their business
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